Taxi Wolff – always on the right track

We offer a wide variety of transport services.


See for yourself!


Cars of the brands Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen are transporting you to your destination.

The cars are monitored by a GPS-system. It allows us, to always locate our taxis and foresee the arrival at their destination.

Courier service

Even today there are things that cannot be done by e-mail or the internet. No matter if it is a very important letter or an urgently needed component of a motor, we are transporting it reliable and on time.

Group transport

We are able to transport up to 8 passengers with luggage spontaneously. Please contact us on time whenever there are more than 8 passengers (at least 30 minutes before departure).

Limousine service

Besides the classic taxi we offer neutral coloured limousines.

Airport Transfer

There are always taxis waiting for passengers in front of the terminal of Airport Weeze. You can recognize them by their license plate, ending with “42”.


Of course you can reserve your vehicle in advance.