The Taxi company in Goch with almost 90 years of tradition

Welcome at Taxi Wolff! For more than 90 years we provide a secure passenger transport service as well as courier service. We are a third generation family company, and the next generation has joined our company already. With our 70 employees we can provide a reliable transport. Taxi Wolff is the biggest taxi company in Goch with over 20 vehicles, which consists of taxis and limousines, mini-vans as well as special verhicles for wheel-chairs. The cleaning and maintenance of our vehicles is a matter of course to us.

Our company is located in the western industrial area of Goch.

Another service location is in Weeze, close to the Airport.

This gives us the opportunity to react flexible and customer friendly. 

We response to enquiries in the following languages:

  • german
  • english
  • dutch
  • spanish
  • french

We always have the 42 as number.

We always have the 42 as number.
We always have the 42 as number.

By the way:

Many customers are asking how to recognize our vehicles - It's easy to find one of our taxis if you are looking for:

KLE - .... - 42 We always have the 42 as number.

(The license plate in Germany is structured in area, one or two letters and numbers.)